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Welcome to my homepage. This page is continuously under construction, as I've just started learning html. I will add more contents when I have the time or an idea, or when I learn more tricks.

The primary purpose of these pages is to provide a bulletin board for my friends who are on the Internet. The secondary reason is for those who stumble onto these pages, via search engines or word of mouth, to establish contact if they find it relevant.

This web site was provided without cost, courtesy of Angelfire. As such the bandwidth is definitely more congested than commercial sites. These pages will not have fancy graphics and I will try to minimise the use of frames, so that it loads faster.

Last updated: April 25, 1998

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No e-mail account : Missing out on the medium of the future?
Some humour : Laughter is the best medicine
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Tribute to Titanic - oh no, not another Titanic site Updated April 15, 1998
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Old newspaper! Old Newspaper!
The Star
New Straits Times
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Jason Tan Boon Teck

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Petaling Jaya, Selangor
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Please inform me if you are unable to link to any of the sites/pages that I've listed, or if some of the graphics do not load up properly. Thank you.